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Rules & Fees


As prospective parents, you are informed in this Prospectus to certain aspects of the School Rules and Systems and you are deemed to have accepted the same as you opt, for Admission of your ward.

1. Homework is set everyday for each class. Parents can meet the Staff during the BREAKS and interact accordingly on Thursday only. Parents will be allowed to see the students work, or even compare it with other students works to see how their ward is doing in the class. Parents should avail of their interaction period or frequently, as they like, but atleast 4 times a month.

2. Private tuitions are an unnecessary burden on your child and should be avoided.

3. The fee structure depicted is subject to change from year to year as the school grows and any increase made will be for the betterment of the existing facilities.

4. The school will host various functions such as Sports, Drama, Elocution, Debate, Dance, karate, Music, Cullinary, etc. and participation of your ward in these activities is expected. Once she is selected it will be compulsory and no excuses on any grounds will be entertained. Please note that your ward is expected to be physically and mentally fit to cope with the curriculum and system of the School.

5. Seeing the technological progress, the knowledge of computers is deemed today as a necessary tool, which has its application in all fields, therefore, Computer Studies will be compulsory part of this curriculum from Class I.

6. Classes I and II will learn Basic Computer Operating Procedures and play games while they become familiar with these machines , getting rid of the fear and awe their machines pose to many adults. In Classes III., IV and V they will be introduced to simple languages moving into Basic Programming into Class V and graduating to other applications and languages by the time they reach Class X (I.C.S.E.)

7. To inculcate good reading habits in children and make the best of reading materials from around the world, the school has a well equipped library.

8. The School also has Smart Classes with visual Aids which enables a child to learn more and understand fast.

9. All children are placed in any one of the four houses namely :-

• Emerald House (Green)

• Garnet House (Maroon)

• Sapphire House (Blue)

• Topaz House (Yellow)


The School has bus facility, which can be used by those students who stay beyond 2 km from the School. This will help to prevent over-crowding.