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From The Principals' Desk

Dear Parents,


My staff and myself have been very concerned for you and for our darling students. We have been praying for protection, safety, strength and patience for every one including our selves. The School misses you Darling children, it's like a lonely home awaiting to see your beautiful faces. Be safe my dear children and my dear parents who are like our brothers and sisters. Keep praying and repent. It's time to lift ourselves to that heavenly realm, to cry out for mercy. To pray for this disease to go away and to pray for those countries affected by it in a deadly way, also pray for the world to be healed and cleansed. Pray for those countries to stop making such biological weapons. Pray for peace, love and unity in the world. Bishop Westcott Girls' School, Doranda fraternity and family are with you always.

Thankyou dear parents, my brothers and sister and my dear students my children for your love and co operation.

Take care, be safe, God bless you all